Use mint in this way to get beautiful skin

Sep 15 2020 06:04 PM
Use mint in this way to get beautiful skin

Min is very effective in fixing acne, wrinkles, freckles and open porons on the face. Today, we will tell you how to use mint stones so that you can get beautiful skin

Tight the poron - add a little mint leaf and add honey to it and put it on the face. This will clear the faces of the face and get tight.

For acne - it contains an acid that allows you to heal acne. Grind the mint stones and add rose water to the face. Leave it on the face overnight and wash the mouth in the morning.

Make a paste of mint leaf, add tomato juice and multani clay. Apply it to acne stains and see the difference.

Boil the mint stones and halve the water. Then, when the water cools, place it in a spray bottle and use it as a toner. This will clear the oil deposited on the face.

Remove the bushes - mix the cucumber juice with mint juice and apply it to the face, which will remove the pumice. Remove wrinkles - mix the white part of an egg, curd, honey and mint juice and make a face pack on the face. Applying it once a week removes wrinkles.

-Prepare the crust for the face by mixing mint juice in oats. This can remove dead cells, dirt, oil and bacteria.

Make a blond-mint leaf and apply it to the face. It can also be applied to remove the dark circle.

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