If you want to meet Bollywood stars, Then must visit these places in Mumbai
If you want to meet Bollywood stars, Then must visit these places in Mumbai

Bollywood addicts can be easily seen in our country. Many want to go to Mumbai and meet Bollywood stars. Even people stand outside their home for several hours for a glimpse of Bollywood artists. Because of the strict security and security of Bollywood stars, it's not easy to meet them. But there are many places in Mumbai where you can meet Bollywood stars. Today we're going to talk about the place where you can comfortably star.

* Juhu Beach
The list of the 10 most popular shooting locations in Mumbai won't be fun if Juhu beach is not mentioned. The beauty here is heartwarming. Film makers and actors are flocking here to shoot.

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* Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a historical railway station. It is also the headquarters of Central Railway India. It is considered a suitable place to reunite long-lost lovers. Bollywood stars can be easily seen wandering here.

* Marine Drive
It is one of the highest shooting sites in Mumbai. Its length is about 3 kilometers. There are scenes that shoot seriously the fresh air, sunshine, twilight and beautiful sky. The edges of the road here look extremely beautiful to see palm trees etc.

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* Aksa Beach
Aksa Beach has always been an attractive tourist destination for the people of Mumbai. It attracts a large number of tourists during the summer days. Film and TV is one of the favorite locations of directors. Here, the actor-actress often roams around comfortably.

* Gateway of India
The face of Indian history in Mumbai, Gateway of India is considered to be the most important monument of the city. Historic representation, the unannounced scenery of the Arabian Sea, the amazing crowd, and the scene of vendors selling goods is considered to be good enough to shoot.

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