If you want to travel abroad, you can roam these 5 places for 80 thousand rupees
If you want to travel abroad, you can roam these 5 places for 80 thousand rupees

If you are thinking of going on an international trip, then you have to start preparing now. Yes and people interested in traveling can quickly plan and travel to their favorite place. Now today we are going to tell you about such international destinations where you can roam only within 80,000. Let's tell.

Sri Lanka- Direct flights are available to Colombo in your country, which will take you to Colombo in about three hours. Yes and Indian Rupee is worth about two and a half times more than Sri Lankan currency. In such a situation, a tour of Sri Lanka can prove to be very economical. The cool breeze and the refreshing atmosphere will make your heart happy as soon as you land at Bandaranaike Airport in Colombo. Yes and Sri Lanka is an Asian island surrounded by the Indian Ocean. In such a situation, you can go to Sri Lanka between February-March.

Turkey- In Turkey, you can enjoy the historical market, museum, beautiful beach, history, air balloon, people here, food and drink. Yes and flight can be taken from Mumbai or Delhi to go to Turkey. Turkey is a wonderful place and it is best for a family vacation. The one-way fare to go here is Rs 25,000. You can stay for 4 days in this budget.

Indonesia- Here you can enjoy the sea along with the mountains. Yes and there is also the option of Visa on Arrival. In such a situation, if you are going to Indonesia, then fly here from Kochi. Indonesia is a very beautiful country, here you can visit Bali Zoo, visit Uluwatu Temple, visit Splash Water Park and much more. Air tickets will be cheaper from here and for just Rs 80,000 you can roam here comfortably for four days.

Hong Kong - Visa is not required to go here. To go to Hong Kong, you can take a flight from Jaipur, the fare here is around 20 to 21 thousand one way. Lantau Island, Central District, Stanley Market, Nathan Road, Happy Valley, Cheng Chau Island, Sai Kung, Disneyland and many more are great places to visit here. With this, you can celebrate holidays for 3 to 4 days here in a budget of 80 thousand.

South Korea- On the other hand, if you book a flight from Kolkata to here and book it 3-4 months in advance, then you may find the flight fare a little less. You will be able to roam here for about 3-4 days in the budget of ji paddy and 80 thousand. There are many beautiful places in South Korea like Kaeong-wha Station, Gogji Beach, Darangay Village, Seongsan Sunrise Peak, Jingdo Salt Farm, Gwang-en Bridge and many more.

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