Iftar party celebration in Indore, 2000 fall ill
Iftar party celebration in Indore, 2000 fall ill

After attending an Iftar party hosted by Bohra community members on Sunday late night, about 2000 people fell ill in indore. According to the reports people had gone to the community centre in Saify colony and started complaining of loose motions and nausea soon after the Iftar and the number started increasing after 11 in the night and soon the number increased and reached somewhere close to 1500.

As per reports around 19 patients were admitted at MY Hospital, 50 in Choithram hospital, 200 in Anand Hospital and the rest were distributed in Suyash hospital, private clinics and other government clinics till late night.

Food inspector, Manish Swamy, said “We suspect that the sweet was the only perishable item in the Iftar and the chances of an adulterated mawa are high. It was also the only food item that was largely consumed by people”.

Dr SK Porwal, chief medical health officer and Dilip Singh ADM also visited the patients in several hospitals and stated that all the patients are fine and are being given proper medical care in city hospitals.

It is being assumed that a sweet made of Mawa could have been adulterated.However, source of food poisoning could not be made clear.

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