Eco-friendly battery will provide 1600km driving range in single charge

The government is preparing to bring electric vehicles in the country. However, the Government has to travel a long way to adopt electric mobility on a large scale. But research on electric vehicles and their batteries is going on continuously in the country. A joint team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Shiv Nadar University have brought the new technology. This will allow the production of environmentally friendly lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries.

According to the media report, the researchers say that the battery used in the global automotive industry will be able to deliver up to three times more energy than lithium-ion batteries. These Li-S batteries will be made using petroleum chemical products such as sulfur, agro-waste elements, etc.

Shiv Nadar University Associate Professor Bimalesh Lokhab said that "This research focuses on the principles of green chemistry to find a solution that addresses the needs of industries and the environment simultaneously. The batteries made from this tripled Secure technology with high energy efficiency is clean in many domains. " Explaining further, he said, "The electric car range is given up to 400 km using the lithium-ion battery currently used in electric vehicles for the Exempt. The research is currently being done continuously.

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