IIT Madras 3-day fest Shaastra 2023 starts tomorrow

IIT Madras fest Shaastra 2023:  The dates for IIT Madras' yearly technical festival, Shaastra 2023, are slated for January 26–29. 

The festival, which started in 2003, is one of the biggest and most well-known technical festivals in India, drawing participants from all walks of life. 

The yearly event will include a range of activities, such as technical workshops, contests, seminars, and exhibitions. The theme for this year is Spectral Splendours, which as the name suggests has something to do with optics, the study of light and vision. 

A number of Spotlight Lectures by recognised authorities in diverse domains will also be included at Shaastra 2023. These lectures will cover a wide range of subjects, such as robots, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and more. 
The Shaastra audience will benefit from the speakers' perspectives and experiences. The Space Tech Summit is one of the greatest events in Shaastra this year. 

The event is sponsored by two leading start-ups in the field, Agnikul Cosmos and Galaxeye Space, and it will feature a number of renowned speakers from ISRO and other top start-ups. The four-day conference's goal is to bring together experts from academia, business, and enthusiasts in the field of space. 

The social campaign "Vastra" this year sought to increase access to clothing, encourage responsible consumption and sustainable fashion, and inform people about the negative effects of rapid fashion. 

As part of Vastra, multiple donation drives and upcycling workshops have been held in localities and institutions all around Chennai in partnership with Goonj and various organisations promoting sustainable fashion.

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