Man imagines the personality of owner, by the structure of the house

I cannot say about animal behavior, but we all know the human behavior very well. We all have a same disease, we can create anyone's virtual image according to our mindset, no matter either we know that person or not. If the only thing which is needed to create a virtual image is 'one or two rumors'.

Well, this habit cannot be termed good every time, as many of us proved to be wrong, when we get to know the reality. But, never forget, whatever the source may be, if you use it in a productive manner, it will always results good. 

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Your imagination and pre-formation of images by some tiny things can be helpful for your artistic trait. How? Let me introduce to the artist, who used his imagination power to create his new project.

Tuba Sahinturk, sketched the personality of the residents, with his analysis by seeing the exterior of the house.


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