Deep Easterly Wave to Bring Heavy Showers to Kerala and Tamil Nadu

New Delhi: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) stated on Tuesday that there is currently no criterion for a cold wave in North India, as temperatures are gradually dropping with the year-end. According to IMD scientist Soma Sen, a western disturbance is anticipated around Thursday, November 23. Sen mentioned that due to this disturbance, clouding is expected over Northwest India around November 24–25, resulting in mild weather.

Sen also highlighted the presence of a deep Easterly wave over peninsular India, bringing heavy showers to Kerala and Tamil Nadu. She stated, "...Currently, we have a very weak western disturbance... This is gradually moving eastward... There is a fresh western disturbance likely to come around November 23... We shall expect some clouding over Northwest India around November 24–25. The weather will be mild... We shall expect not much change in the maximum and minimum temperature... A deep Easterly wave is over peninsular India... Because of this, we are expecting very heavy rainfall in Tamil Nadu and Kerala... This weather is likely to continue for the next two days... Afterwards, rainfall will decrease.”

Addressing the possibility of a cold wave, Sen mentioned that there is no such criterion at the moment, and a significant drop in temperature is not anticipated. "There is no such criterion for a cold wave right now... We are not expecting any significant drop in minimum temperatures... In North India, mainly after November 23, we are expecting some cloudiness in the sky,” explained the IMD scientist. She also noted the potential for a one-degree rise or fall in temperature and mentioned the likelihood of light snowfall around November 24 in the upper reaches of the western Himalayan region.

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