Imli to marry Aryan! Aditya to take this step in anger

The most popular TV show Imli is showing amazing stories these days. The story of the show has had many twists so far but now the strongest twist is coming. In fact, Adithya and Imli will be separated forever on the show soon. On the other hand, Aryan's mother will propose his marriage in front of Imli. Till now you have seen in the show that Aditya has signed Imli's divorce papers. Yes, Imli had sent a letter to Aditya, which Malini replaced with divorce papers.

In such a situation, Aditya felt that Imli wanted to divorce him and Imli felt that Aditya wanted to do so. Amidst this misunderstanding, Imli thinks of suicide and tries to kill herself by jumping from a height. Now in the upcoming episodes, you will see that Imli is about to die when Aryan comes there and stops Imli. After that when both reach home, Aryan's mother is very happy to see them together. On the other hand, Aryan's mother likes Imli very much and wants to make her daughter-in-law. In such a situation, without thinking anything, she will ask Imli to marry Aryan.

On the other hand, in the upcoming episode, Adithya will point a finger at Imli's character and he will say in front of his family that Imli now wants to live with Aryan. In the meantime, Adithya will be so baffled that he will write about Imli and Aryan in the newspaper and the closeness between the two will become public. In that case, it remains to be seen whether the relationship between Aditya and Imli will be completely destroyed. Will Imli say yes to Aryan's marriage?

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