In a drastic incident, father and brother-in-law rape after mixing elements in Drink

Jun 05 2019 03:35 PM
In a drastic incident, father and brother-in-law rape after mixing elements in Drink

A recent case of crime has surfaced from the Bikaner Kenapasar police station area. In this case, a woman has been forcibly raped by the father and boy. As per the reports, the two accused were accompanied by a woman who was their relative and a major problem was that the victim was lingering to file a three-day case in the Napasar police station, just like Thanagaji. Yes, the case has been filed after it was interfered with by the SP office.

While talking about the matter, the police said that the woman said in the report that "Santosh, wife of the accused Napasar resident Dinesh Soni, made the victim's husband a godbrother. One day, Dinesh, his wife Santosh, his father, Bajrang Soni, came home. The accused, after coming home, sent Dinesh to bring Kachori, samosas and cold drinks.

Victim said she fainted after drinking a cold drink. When she regained consciousness, her Asmat had been plundered. The victim resisted when she came to consciousness and the accused threatened to make public by showing her obscene videos. "

In the case, the victim further stated that "after doing so, the accused, Dinesh, came home and raped her. A few days later, the accused Bajrang also started raping her." Well, this is not the first case that the case of rape of brother-in-law by threatening to kill the family in Bikaner has come to the fore and in this regard, the victim has taken up the matter against three persons at JNVC police station. The investigation is currently underway in this case.

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