Conversion of people was going on in full swing in Azamgarh, 3 arrested on VHP complaint

Lucknow: It has also been accused of mass mobilization of women and men in Azamgarh in UP to convert to the religion. In this case, Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists have informed the police, after which the police have taken three main people into custody in this case. A house in the Harbanshpur area of Azamgarh city kotwali has been accused of converting women and men on a large scale. There are allegations that they are working to teach the lesson of Christianity. Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists informed the police, after which the police raided the venue. It was found that more than 100 people were engaged in it and were engaged in religious lessons. Police detained three main people in the case and brought them to Kotwali.  

The complaint was received for a long time: Gaurav Raghuvanshi, general secretary of Azamgarh of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, said that "there was a complaint for a long time regarding religious conversion, which is completely illegal. The work of luring the gullible people to change their religion was being done, while the government is also strict against it. Such things will not be tolerated. We demand strict legal action against these people and no one should do such a thing again in future," Gaurav Raghuvanshi said, adding that a case is being registered against them in Azamgarh Kotwali. 

THE UP ATS had arrested two accused: Complaints of religious conversion have been reported from several places in Uttar Pradesh in the past. The UP ATS detained two accused from the Jamia Nagar area last year, who are accused of converting deaf and mute women and children. According to police, the gang used to convert 200 to 300 people a year.

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