In case of paralysis attack, do this remedy immediately or else it will be late

In today's time many people suffer from paralysis and such a person becomes unable to move one or more of his muscles. Yes, and any kind of problem or other obstruction in the muscles never causes paralysis, but the nerves that transmit messages from the brain to the organs and the spinal cord are affected. Let us tell you that paralysis can affect any one muscle or group or it can affect a large area of ​​the body, it all depends on its cause. On the other hand, stroke, head or brain injury, spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis are among the main causes of paralysis. Today we are going to tell you what to do immediately if you are paralyzed?

home remedies for paralysis

Turmeric decoction- Make a decoction of turmeric and give it to the person who is paralyzed. Yes because it will stop the attack of paralysis. In fact, turmeric decoction is one of the most powerful and important spices found in the ancient books of Ayurveda. On the other hand, turmeric milk is recommended for all health problems, from children to adults.

Lemonade enema- There is another treatment to cure paralysis, which is completely natural. Yes and according to this, the suffering patient should clean his stomach by taking lemonade enema daily and the patient should be given such treatment so that maximum sweating comes out of his body. This is because sweating is helpful in cutting this disease.

Consumption of hot things- If the patient suffering from paralysis is very weak, then the patient should not consume hot things in excess. However, paralysis patients who have high blood pressure should avoid hot things completely.

Wet clay paste- To cure paralysis, a paste of wet clay should be applied on the stomach of a patient suffering from paralysis. If it is not possible every day, then this remedy must be done by leaving one day. Yes, and after that the patient should have a sciatica. If this treatment is done daily, then paralysis is cured in a few days.

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