This boy suddenly started having periods, doctor made a shocking revelation
This boy suddenly started having periods, doctor made a shocking revelation

Periods are a problem that women go through every month. All the women around the world have the problem of periods and due to periods, there is also a lot of anger in women. However, what would you say if we say that a man had periods? You'll probably laugh and say it's not possible, but that's right. In fact, the case that we are going to tell you about is the case of Sichuan province of China. Here a young man was having trouble urinating and there was often blood while passing urine. In such a situation, when he got it examined by the doctor, the doctors told such a truth that the ground under his feet slipped.

According to a report in the South China Morning Post, the 33-year-old man whose identity has not been made public. It is being told about him that this person had trouble during urination. In such a situation, he told the doctor about his problem, and he tried to solve his problem of having a minor surgery, although the bleeding from his urine still did not stop. In such a situation, the doctors after doing the complete medical checkup told him that biologically he is not a man but a woman. In fact, the doctor said that like women, there is also an ovary and uterus in her body and the blood that is coming into his urine is not a disease but a period and it was happening to him since the age of 20.

Yes, the doctors said that he is a woman biologically, but the biggest and most surprising thing is that he has not yet known that he is a woman. In fact, after everything was cleared in the medical report, this young man was declared intersex. Actually who has the reproductive organs of both male and female are called intersex. However, now the man has undergone surgery, in the surgery both the ovaries and the uterus have been removed.

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