In eccentricity, a young man took a life....

Jun 21 2019 03:15 PM
In eccentricity, a young man took a  life....

Recently, a case of crime has come into light from Uttar Pradesh. The case is being reported to Kesari village in Gaur police station area of Basti district. According to reports, Ramesh Yadav, a resident of the village, informed to the Police station Incharge Arvind Pratap Singh at around 11 a.m. on the morning of October 30, 2016 that his brother Rajesh Kumar Yadav was a sanitation officer in Hanswar village. According to reports, someone has killed him on duty this morning, on a stand near Hardia primary school. On the other hand, police officer Arvind Pratap Singh reported the incident to top officers and along with his team, he turned to the incident.

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In this case, the body of a young man was lying on the ground with a lot of blood from his head. From the sight of the corpse, it seemed that the slain young man had been stabbed to death with something heavy object hit on his head. In this case, the police asked people and family members about suspect of the murder, but all refused. In this case, the police did not find any evidence to determine the cause of the murder. Meanwhile, family members told the police that Rajesh had a mobile phone which was not recovered near the body. The police registered a case of murder on the basis of information recived from the family members and sent the corpse to the post mortem on November 1, 2016. The accused has now been arrested in the case. Rajesh's post-mortem report was received by the police on the second day of the case, which was state that caused of death is head injuries. Though the police did not see any motive for killing Rajesh, the police continued to investigate the missing mobile phone.

The missing mobile phone was then put on surveillance and the police investigation suspected that the suspect had been caught on the spot as someone had informed the police that Rajesh's mobile phone was near Ravish Kumar Mishra of Hardia village in Captainganj police station area. The police were alerted after that. Raveesh Kumar Mishra was pressed into his village to nab him and he was arrested along with his mobile. In the police interrogation in this case, Ravish was at first engaging in the affairs of the court, but when it was later tightened, the simple reason for killing Rajesh Kumar was the result of his eccentricity.

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