In India, three-point seatbelts will soon be mandatory for middle seats
In India, three-point seatbelts will soon be mandatory for middle seats

The Indian government will soon require manufacturers to put just three-point seatbelts in all seat backs. According to amedia reports this implies the third person in the centre of the back seat will also have a three-point seatbelt. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is expected to publish this mission soon, according to the article.

In most cars sold in India, three-point seatbelts are currently only available in the front seats and two back seats. Seatbelts in the shape of a Y are also known as Y-shaped seatbelts. These automobiles only have a two-point or lap seatbelt in the back centre seat, which is identical to the ones seen in aeroplane seats.

Within a month, the MoRTH is likely to produce a draught notification recommending that automakers make a three-point seatbelt for the centre rear seat obligatory. However, before making it a law, the government will solicit public input and proposals.

The Indian government wants to raise the overall safety ratings of passenger automobiles produced in the country. This step is likely to improve car occupant safety and lower the risk of injuries and fatalities in the event of an accident. Three-point seatbelts have been scientifically demonstrated to be significantly safer than two-point seatbelts because they uniformly distribute the energy of a moving body across the chest, shoulders, and pelvis during a crash, resulting in fewer injuries.

Volvo, a Swedish carmaker, created and released three-point seatbelts in August 1959. However, in the interest of public safety, the automaker opted to leave the patent available to other carmakers.

According to a MoRTH official, no other vehicle in India, with the exception of a few models, has three-point seatbelts for the passenger situated in the back middle seat. Instead, they are given a lap belt, which is ineffective in the event of an accident and puts the passenger in great danger.

This comes after the Ministry of Roads and Transportation (MoRTH) released a draught notification on January 14th, requesting public input on a proposed regulation that would require all carmakers to include six airbags in all vehicles.

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