MP: Eating Food in Bhandara cost heavily, health deteriorated

Gwalior: A big news has come from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh recently. In fact, there has been a bad accident with the Bhandara eaters here. According to the information received, about 50 children and women have fallen ill after eating a banquet in a village here. The incident is said to have taken place last Saturday evening. In fact, the incident took place in Damora village of Hastinapur in Gwalior. All the sick people from here have been admitted to Murar Hospital in Gwalior and have been referred to Gajra Raja Medical College after giving first aid there. Five of the patients are said to be in critical condition at present.

Some sources said Bhandara was organised at Balwant Singh Gurjar's house in the village last Saturday evening. When people reached their homes after eating, they started having vomiting, stomach ache and diarrhoea. In this case, Dr Alok Purohit, in charge of Murar Hospital, said, "About 50 children and women have fallen ill due to food poisoning. Five of these patients are seriously ill.''

At the same time, he also said, "A team of doctors and paramedical personnel has been sent with ambulances to ascertain the health condition of others in the village.'' As per the information received, the situation in district hospital Murar also started deteriorating as the number of patients increased continuously. Finally, the situation was that the patients had to be admitted to the gallery on the ground and given treatment. Drip stands were reportedly installed in the entire gallery as patients continued to arrive.

Whose Health Deteriorated- Munnesh, Rani, Krishna, Jyoti, Geeta Bai admitted to JAH are undergoing treatment. While Nandini is 10 years, Sourav is 16 years, Roshni 16 years, Laxman Singh 65 years, Sheela Bai 65 years, Yogendra 14 years, Shalu 8 years, Kanha 5 years, Rajendra 23 years, Preeti 20 years, Balwant 50 years, Kedar 55 years, Devaki Bai 48 years, Kiran 48 years, Durgesh 7 years, Bipasha 14 years, Ankita 10 years, Ritu 14 years, Ramvaran 63 years, Lavkush 8 years, Chhotu 25 years, Kailashi 48 years, Jamvati 44 years, Madhu 35 years, Puran 30 years, Betu 8 years, Raja 50 years, Vivesh16 years, Mamta 30 years, Jyoti Ramakhtiar 10 years, Kunti 60 years, Tanya 5 years, Kailashi 65 years, Rashmi 15 years and Shivam 8 years.

Never came to Kashmir, those who are doing politics in Lakhimpur!

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