In Meerut, a cow was publicly slaughtered on the road, a case was registered under the pressure of Hindu organizations.

Lucknow: In Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, the case of cow slaughter has come to light. The incident is being told near Rohta Road of TP Nagar police station area. Here on Thursday (April) morning, the cows were publicly slaughtered on the road. Tension has prevailed in Rohta Road of TP Nagar police station area after the brutal killing of cows behind the police post. Meerut police says that a case has been registered in the matter at TP Nagar police station.

This incident has caused a lot of outrage among Hindu organizations. Vishwa Hindu Parishad- Gau Raksha Department has also issued a letter in this regard. In this, he has asked the UP administration to take action in the matter at the earliest. The VHP has written in its letter that in Meerut district, community-specific, persistent acts of hurting religious sentiments are being done. Their repeated carrying out of these incidents and the failure of the administration and police, can give rise to any communal tension. Therefore, by taking action as soon as possible, fear will have to be created in the minds of the elements with such disgusting mindset, so that they will not even think of such a criminal act in their dreams.

It is being told that 4-5 youths had slaughtered a cow behind the police post located on Rohta Road. When the mother and son, who were selling vegetables on the side of the road, saw this scene, they raised an alarm. After which the killers fled in their car leaving the cow in agony. At the same time, the lock was hanging on the police post behind which the cow was killed.

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