In place of Cotton pads, makeup can also be removed by using these things

Jun 18 2019 01:23 PM
In place of Cotton pads, makeup can also be removed by using these things

Doing good makeup is an art, which doesn't come to everyone. Removing makeup is as beautiful as you look. If you don't remove makeup, your skin is damaged. If you're interested in makeup, it's going to be removed. Because not removing makeup in a way, there is a fear of a breakdown of your face. By the way, everyone uses Cotton Pads to remove makeup. But there are other things you can use. This will make your skin better. It is also beneficial for the Environment.

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Without Cotton Pads, you can also remove Makeup in these ways:

1. Reusable Cotton Pads
These Pads are made of Soft Bamboo Fabric, which you can buy once and use a thousand times.

2. Makeup Eraser
Makeup Eraser is a tool that you can carry comfortably anywhere. It's also easy to use, adding a little water to it and you can easily clear the face.

3. Muslin Cloths
Muslin Cloths is the best option to replace the Cotton Pads.

4. Classic Flannel
Removing makeup is hardly an option better than Classic Flannel in the market. It will shine by applying oil or Balm Based Cleanser on your face.

5. Exfoliating Cloths
If you do heavy makeup every day, use Exfoliating Cloths to remove it. They remove the makeup as well as remove the filth of the face.

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