Woman stood at an open manhole on Matunga road to warn drivers passing through the road

Aug 11 2020 03:48 PM
Woman stood at an open manhole on Matunga road to warn drivers passing through the road

There are many people all over the world who live in millions of hearts for their work. After knowing about the woman we are going to tell you today, you will be surprised. Kanta Maruti Kalan, a 50-year-old woman has done something that you will be happy to know. She stood for seven hours at an open manhole on the road amidst rain, to warn drivers passing through the road.

The video is going viral at this time. This video is from Tulsi Pipe Road in Matunga West. You can see in this video that "Kanta is standing in the middle of the road during the rain and pointing to the vehicles coming and going". The road was full of water, in such a situation, the woman might have opened the manhole thinking that the water would drain. She stood on the way for seven hours and during this time she also kept warning people. Talking to a web portal about this, Kanta said, "I did what I thought was right".

In order to keep people safe, she also had to pay a big price. About three feet of water was flooded on the road and many people living on the sidewalk like Kanta were having a lot of trouble. For this reason, Kanta opened the manhole with the help of some people, so that the water drains out. She stood there from 6 am to 1 am and kept on alerting people. It was indeed a very noble work that she did. People are praising her.

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