In the traditional look might look Slim by following this

Jun 29 2019 10:08 AM
In the traditional look might look Slim by following this

Whether it's a saree, a suit or a lacquer, Indianware suits every girl in a function. The herve girl in a traditional dress looks good but in these dresses you need to follow some tips to look like sali trim. Every style fails next to the traditional look provided you carry it well. So you know how to carry these traditional dresses. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you find indianware thin and absolutely slim.

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1. Take special care of the fabric when choosing the fabric. Wear lightweight fabrics such as crepe, satin, chiffon or georgette. If you want to wear silk, choose Lightweight Silk. Do not wear frebic like laira or spandex.

2. Take care of prints, not just fabrics. They need to be rolled to give you a slim look. Always choose thinner and smaller prints. Large and bold prints highlight your curves and make you look fat.

3. Anarkali is the best option to look skinny in the suit. It also gives you a royal look. On the other hand, if you are thinking of wearing a kurta, always wear a long fit or A-line kurta. On the other hand, avoid wearing a nee-length kurta.

4. Your bottom also has a bigger hand in giving you a slender and elegant look. Choose the bottom you're wearing with your kurta wisely. Wear leggings or joggings with A-line kurtas. On the other hand, Palazzo will look good with long straight fit kurtas.

5. Always choose Indianware with dark colors to make you look thin. They give your body slimming effects and beautiful frames to make you look skinny. Same, if you're wearing a striped kurta or suit, always choose vertical stripes. Don't buy horizontal stripes.

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