In the transaction of money, the young man attack two people with a saber, one killed, the other injured.

New Delhi: A case of killing a man by hitting a saber on his head in broad daylight in the national capital has come to light. The incident took place on Tuesday, when a youth attacked him with a saber in Kamla Nagar market. Two people were injured in the attack, one of whom succumbed to his injuries during treatment. Police have identified the accused as Gurpreet Singh. Police officials say Gurpreet Singh works as a finance worker.

On Tuesday, Gurpreet Singh had arrived in Kamla Market area to collect money from a man named Siyaram and there was a dispute between the two. In the same dispute, Gurpreet stabbed Siyaram with a saber. Ganga Mahato, who came forward to the rescue during the fight, was also killed by Gurpreet. Seeing Gurpreet Singh attacking two people, people gathered nearby and grabbed him and thrashed him severely. After this, the people of the market informed the police about the whole incident. On receiving the information, the police, who reached the spot, admitted two of the injured to the hospital. 

While Ganga Mahato, who had come to the rescue, died, Siyaram is admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. The accused, Gurpreet, also sustained injuries. He is currently in police custody and is hospitalized. Police said that when the accused recovers, he will be interrogated. According to the police, Gurpreet had done some business with the injured Siyaram, whose dues gurpreet had come to Kamla Nagar market in the evening to collect the dues. The two got into an argument during the conversation and in the meantime, an angry Gurpreet attacked Siyaram with a saber. 

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