In this temple, girls are considered to be goddesses and worshiped them naked
In this temple, girls are considered to be goddesses and worshiped them naked

Even though the level of education in India has improved, but also today, there is no end to superstitions. People in our country do not know the difference between faith and superstition and hence they are moving forward such traditions that should have passed away years ago. For the last several years some of the traditions have been moving in which there is obscenity in the name of faith. We are telling you today about such a tradition.

The tradition we are about to tell you is played in the Madurai temple of Tamil Nadu. Here, for about 15 days, 7 girls are kept in the temple by making Goddess. These 7 girls are selected by the villagers. The villagers choose such girls who are considered to be the most fortunate. Firstly, the girls of the village have to parade and after this parade, a male priest and the villagers choose the girls.

Surprisingly, these selected girls have to stay in the temple for about 15 days and during this time they remain nude above the waist. These girls are imprisoned for 15 days in the temple and no one can go to them during this time. Only the priest can take care of these girls. All these girls are between 10 and 15 years of age.

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