In this preservative way store curd at your home

Jan 09 2021 04:23 PM
In this preservative way store curd at your home

Curd is very beneficial for the human stomach. Along with cooling the stomach, it also helps in digesting food. By the way, you must have seen that people use sourdough to set curd. If you add a little bit of sourdough to the milk, the milk turns into curd. Actually, curd can also be stored without sourdough. Yes, it can happen. Today we are going to tell you about the way to make curd without souring. For this, you will need chili.

Boiled milk - 200- 300 min. Liter
Green chili - 2

- To set curd without sourdough, first of all, offer milk on gas and simmer. After this, turn off the gas. Now keep the milk to cool down to room temperature.

-After this, we will make jaman. If there is no sourdough at home, then take milk in a bowl. Add 2 green chilies including the stalk to it. It is to be noted here that the chilies are completely immersed in milk.

-Now cover this bowl and keep it for ten to twelve hours. Good if the place is hot.

- So soon you will be ready as your sourdough. Now take the milk which contains the curd. The temperature of this milk should be as much as that of your finger.

- Mix one spoon mixture of prepared sourdough in this milk. Try to freeze the curd in casserole. This is because the heat will make the curd quicker.

-Now after six hours, remove the casserole lid and keep checking. Now your creamy curd has set.

-The thing to note here is that the bowl in which the chilies are poured to make sourdough must have stalks. There are some enzymes present in the stalk, which give a slight acidity to the curd.

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