In western Iraq, 6 Islamic State fighters killed in an airstrike

Baghdad:  As many as six militants of the Islamic State (IS group) were killed when Iraqi warplanes trigerred an airstrike on their hideout in Iraq's western province of Anbar, the Iraqi military stated on Monday.

The bombing was carried out by Iraqi aeroplanes after a reconnaissance plane from the international coalition detected the hideout in a desert location in Anbar province, according to Yahia Rasoul, the commander-in-chief of Iraqi forces' spokeswoman. Six Islamic State terrorists were killed in the airstrike, and an Iraqi army detachment was dispatched to the location to search for more militants or weapons, potentially within the damaged hideaway, according to the statement.

Islamic State terrorists have intensified their attacks on Iraqi security forces in Sunni provinces that they once controlled in recent months. Since Iraqi forces destroyed ISIS in 2017, the security situation in the country has improved. IS remnants, on the other hand, have melted into urban areas, deserts, and difficult terrain, launching guerilla strikes against security personnel and civilians on a regular basis.

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