In which district is the Meghnagar Industrial Area located?

Question:  What are the major rivers of the Malawa plateau?

Answer: Kalisindh, Kshipra, Parvati, Chambal and Betwa

Question:  Which is the famous waterfall near Maheshwar?

North-  Sahastradhara Falls (8 m)

Question:  In Bhind, Morena and Gwalior, evidence of which era of culture has been found?

Post-Iron  Age Culture

Question:  Who discovered the full Stupa of Satna?

Answer:  Cunningham in 1975

Question:  In which record is the king mentioned 'like the autumn sun'?

Answer:  Tuman record (fold)

Question:  Whose works are poetics and rituals?

Answer: Rajashekhar

Question: Between which two rulers were the famous battle on the banks of Narmada?

Answer:  Between Harsha and Pulakesin II

Question:  Who built the Kandariya Mahadev Temple in Khajuraho?

Answer-Vidhya Dhar 

Question:  From where did the Quit India Movement start in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer:  Vidisha 1942

Question:  Lalgarh Fort belongs to which district of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans- Dhar (Amjhera Princely State)

Question:  What is the name of Vidisha found in the ancient Jain texts?  

Answer-  Basenagar

Question: The first Kinnar MLA Shabnam Mausi belonged to which assembly constituency?

Answer: Sohagpur Assembly

Question:  The sorrow of being a man is the creation of which litterateur?

Answer:  Batuk Chaturvedi

Question:  For which discipline is the Wakankar Samman awarded?

For constructive contribution to post-archaeological culture.

Question:  Where is the Orient Paper Mill?

Answer-  Shahdol

Question:  Which is the largest railway junction in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer-  Itarsi

Question:  Which district of Madhya Pradesh is known as Save Nagari?

Answer:  Ratlam

Question:  Which is the largest ghat of river Narmada?

Answer-  Maheshwar

Question:  In which district is The Meghnagar Industrial Area located?

Answer:  Jhabua

Question:  When was  Bhopal made a district?

Answer:  January 26, 1972

Where is the silk market in Madhya Pradesh?

Which is the first dance of the country to be included in the Guinness Book?

Where is the residential sports school of Madhya Pradesh?

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