In which year was the Rowlatt Act implemented?

Which acid is present in citrus fruits?
Answer: Citric acid

What is the prime minister's Audahad in  India considered? 
Answer: Executive Head

Taj Mahal, Bibi's Tomb,  Etmad ud Daula are monuments to which of the following? 
Answer:  The dead person's

Emperor Ashoka was the successor to whom?
Answer: Bindusar 

When was the Indian Constitution amended for the first time? 
Answer: 1950

In which year was the Rowlatt Act implemented?  
Ans: 1919

What did Maharana Pratap call 'Bulbul'?  
Answer: To your horse 

Boxer Ewander Holyfield is known by which name?
Answer: The Real Deal

Where was the port of the Indus Valley Civilization? 
Answer: Lothal

What is considered to be Mahavira in Jainism?
Answer: The real founder

Which of the following rulers is responsible for the rise of Magadha?
Answer: Bimbisara

What is the professional 20-20 cricket league in India called? 
Ans: IPL

Who is the President of India? 
Ans: Ram Nath Kovind

Sachin Tendulkar was recently awarded which title? 
Answer: Padma Vibhushan

Isro's headquarters are called? 
Ans: Bangalore

Which 2 houses are there in Parliament?
Answer: Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha 

Which is the smallest state in India? 
Answer: Goa

Who was the author of Ramayana? 
Answer: Valmiki

Which city is known as the Blue City in India? 
Ans: Jodhpur

Which note issue system is followed in India? 
Answer: Minimum Reserve System

Which Indian launched the magazine 'Prabuddha Bharat'?

Where is the 'National School of Design' located?

UN General Assembly resolution urges efforts to mitigate food security crisis

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