PM Modi inaugurates Infinity Forum, says time has come for 'Fintech Revolution'

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi today inaugurated the Infinity Forum through video conferencing on Friday. PM Modi said the finance technology initiative needs to be transformed into a finance technology revolution (Fintech Revolution) to provide an affordable and reliable payment system to the people. Addressing the Infinity Forum, PM Modi said, "Technology is bringing about a major change in finance and last year's mobile payment was more than the withdrawal of atm card money.''

He said digital banks operating without direct branch offices are already a reality and can be common in less than a decade. PM Modi said, "Now, it is time to turn these Finance Technology (Fintech) initiatives into a finance technology revolution. A revolution that will help in the financial empowerment (Financial Empowerment) of every citizen of the country.''

PM Modi also said that with the broadreach of fintech, there are ideas that need to be addressed and the fintech industry has achieved a broader level and this level means consumers who come from all walks of life. PM Modi said, "There is a unique feature of the acceptance of financial technology in the public. He's characteristicconfidence.''

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