Know how to make your immune system strong, these medicines are helpful

It is often seen that as the weather changes, people with weak immunity fell ill because falling sick again and again is a sign of weak immunity. Unani medicine has shown several good measures to increase immunity. The weakening of the immune system is not a disease, but it definitely makes the body sick. Due to negligence in our diet, essential elements in the body begin to decrease and the body loses its ability to fight against diseases. Also, our energy level also decreases. In such a situation, the immunity of the body can be increased by focusing on food.

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A special thing has been found to treat it, the use of Khamira is very special in  Yunani medicine. It will be found at any drug store. Immune system is strengthened by taking small amounts of pearl khamira or khamira marwarid daily with milk. Actually, yeast contains anti-oxidant and immune system strengthening elements. Seasonal or chronic fever ends with its regular intake. Eating Khamira also strengthens the heart.

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It can also be treated in some natural way, like eating sprouted grains also increases the immunity of the body. Sprouted grains are rich in vitamin E and fibre, which make the body's digestive system strong. There is a different way to eat it. Actually, sprouted grains become edible in three days. Dry fruits also make the immune system strong. The method of eating them is somewhat different in the Greek method. The fibres present in dry fruits improves the digestion of the body. This makes the immune system strong and the body gets extra energy. Eating seasonal fruits also strengthens the immune system. According to the Unani system of medicine, seasonal fruits not only excrete toxins from the body, but the vitamin C present in them also strengthens the body's immune system.

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