Increased Military Presence 38 Chinese Aircraft and 11 Vessels Detected Near Taiwan
Increased Military Presence 38 Chinese Aircraft and 11 Vessels Detected Near Taiwan

In the past 24 hours, Taiwan's defense ministry reported spotting 38 Chinese military aircraft, 7 Chinese navy vessels, and 4 China Coast Guard vessels around Taiwan. This observation comes shortly after Beijing conducted significant military drills.

Key Details:

  • Aircraft and Vessels Spotted:

    • The ministry detected 38 Chinese warplanes and 11 navy or coastguard vessels near Taiwan.
    • This follows a major two-day military exercise by China a week ago.
  • Incursion Across the Median Line:

    • 28 of the Chinese aircraft crossed the median line in the Taiwan Strait, which separates Taiwan from China.
    • In response, Taiwan deployed its planes and ships.

38 Chinese jets and eleven military or coast guard vessels were reportedly spotted by the ministry in the Taiwan area during the previous 24 hours. This comes one week after Beijing conducted a major two-day military exercise.

Notably, Beijing has not ruled out using force to subjugate democratic Taiwan and regards it as part of its territory.
Overlap with the Median Line

The Taiwan Strait's median line, which divides Taiwan from China, was crossed by 28 of the Chinese aircraft, according to the ministry of defence. Taiwan's military responded by deploying ships and aircraft.

According to report, the sightings take place in tandem with congressional delegations from the United States, which are the first since President Lai Ching-te's inauguration on May 20.

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