Know some incredible traditions associated with festival of Rakshabandhan

Our country India is full of diversities. Different customs and traditions prevail in every region, every sect in India. Some such diverse traditions are also associated with the holy festival of Rakshabandhan in our country. Let's know about it.

- Sailana of MP is a tribal area. The festival of Rakhi ends here with great joy. Here, this festival is not one, but for three and a half months. From the day of Rakshabandhan, this festival continues till Kartik Sudi Chaudas. If for some reason the sisters cannot tie the Raksha Sutras to their brothers, then they can tie the Raksha Sutras anytime in the next three and a half months. They remain independent for this.

- A unique tradition associated with Rakhi is also very popular in Chhattisgarh. Bhojali festival related to Rakhi is liked by everyone here. On the Navami date of the month of Shravan, by planting soil in baskets, people sow the seeds of wheat, barley, moong, urad, etc. and in just a week Bhojali becomes big and till the full moon day of Sawan i.e. the festival of Rakshabandhan it can be 5 to 6 inches plants. On the next day of Rakhi, small girls take a tour of the whole village carrying Bhojali and then finally take off its aarti and flow it into the river.

On this day, the little girls apply Bhojali earrings to the ears of their friends and then they make them friends for ages. She then calls her friend as a lifelong 'Gianya'. Friends are never called by name.

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