Make tricolor idli like this on the occasion of Independence Day

Aug 09 2020 03:51 PM
Make tricolor idli like this on the occasion of Independence Day

You will often make and eat plain idli at home. But let us tell you that on Independence Day, you can make a three-color idli by putting a little twist in it. Yes, actually we are talking about the Tricolor Idli. So let's know about the recipe of Tirangi Idli .....

necessary ingredients-

Two cups rice

Half cup white urad dal

1 bowl carrot paste

1 bowl spinach paste

Salt to taste


First, wash rice and urad dal and soak them separately in water and keep them aside for two hours.

After taking a certain time, remove the water and put the urad dal and rice together in the mixer and grind them finely.

When the prepared paste is taken out in three different bowls. (Solution should not be too dilute)

For saffron color, add carrot paste in one bowl and spinach paste in another bowl for green color and mix well. The paste has to be allowed to remain white.

Add salt to all three bowls and mix well.

Now put two or three glasses of water in an idli maker or cooker on medium gas flame.

- Then put a little oil in the molds of idli and put the prepared solution in it.

Place this mold inside the steamer and cover and steam it for eight to ten minutes. Remove the cooker whistle as necessary.

Turn off the heat after a certain time and when the cooker cools, take out the idli with the help of a knife.

- Now your tricolor idli is ready. Serve it with sambar and coconut chutney.

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