5 cars that changed the Indian auto industry
5 cars that changed the Indian auto industry

On August 15 this year, our India is going to celebrate its 73rd Independence Day, which is a matter of pride. A lot of things have changed in these 73 years since independence, and they include the automobile industry as well. There have been many changes in the cars since independence and during this time many cars were launched in the market. Today we are going to tell you about 5 such iconic cars launched in India, which have enhanced the pride of India and ruled the Indian road for decades.

 Ambassador was introduced in the Indian market in the year 1958. This car became very popular in India and was included in the list of top cars of its time. Before launching this car in India, it was launched in Britain as Morris Oxford. The Ambassador was liked by the common people but gave it a different identity by the politicians of India. Yes, this car was very popular among Indian politicians and Ambassador became an official car from MLA to former Presidents and Prime Ministers. The cabin of this car was quite wide and got plenty of space. Production of this car was officially stopped in the year 2014, but even today, this car can be seen speeding on Indian roads.

The Maruti 800 is considered one of the most iconic cars in the country, which gave a new dimension to the Indian automobile industry. Let us tell you that the Maruti 800 is an entry-level hatchback car, which became very popular in India and has also made many sales records. The Maruti 800 was launched in 1983 and is the same car that has helped Maruti Suzuki gain a foothold in India. This is the first car that could not only be bought at a low price but it also met all the expectations of its customers. Production of this car was stopped in the year 2014 but before this car stopped, it ruled Indian roads for more than 30 years.

Let us tell you that on hearing the name of Tata Nano, the name of Lakhtakia car comes on the tongue of Indians. Tata Nano is one of the ambitious projects of Ratan Tata aimed at delivering cars at a low price to the public. Ratan Tata introduced this car for a price of just 1 lakh. This car was India's first micro hatchback with a seating area of 4 people. This car was launched in the year 2009, which was the cheapest car in the world. Initially this car was quite popular among the people, but then the response to this car got less. The company also made a lot of changes in this car, but eventually the production of this car was officially stopped in the year 2019 due to decreasing sales.

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