Birthday: When Inder Kumar fell from a helicopter, no actor helped in bad times

Bollywood actor Inder Kumar said goodbye to the world at an early age. Inder was born on August 26, 1973, in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has done a number of films in Bollywood, which also got his name. But he died at an early age due to bad addiction. Today on his birthday we're going to tell you a few special things.

Bollywood actor Inder Kumar started his career with the film 'Masoom'. Salman Khan helped a lot in building his career. Inder worked with Salman in 'Wanted' and 'Tumko Na Bhool Payenge'. Inder Kumar played the lead actor role in some of the early films, but his films were nothing special at the box office. 

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Inder worked hard to become a star but it didn't happen. But his career continued to go down. Meanwhile, there was a big accident with Inder. A scene from the film 'Maseeha' also put a brake on his life along with his career. According to information, in director Partho Ghosh's film 'Maseeha', Inder had to do a scene of the helicopter. While performing the stunt, he suddenly fell down from the helicopter. After the accident, he was asked to rest for three years. This forced them to get away from the movies.

Inder said in an interview that "I fell from a helicopter during the shooting. The doctor told me three years of bed rest. The doctor had said that I would be able to stand on my feet,"  it is unlikely that Inder was arrested for rape.

Inder said, "My daughter fell ill after my arrest. My wife asked several people for bail but nobody helped at that time. I didn't have enough money to rent a house. Then a friend of mine gave me a place at my house. Dolly Bindra helped me in such a difficult time. Nobody, apart from her, made a call to me from the film industry," he said.

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Inder had also received an offer from the Big Boss, but he did not participate because of Salman Khan. Salman had refused him to join the Big Boss because Salman knew about his health. Today is Actor Inder Kumar's birthday. He passed away on July 2017 due to a heart attack, but he is still alive in the hearts of the people. Inder Kumar was a very lively man.

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