India and Kazakhstan conduct joint military exercise

Sep 11 2018 06:32 PM
India and Kazakhstan conduct joint military exercise

Otar: India and Kazakhstan both countries want to improve India, Kazakhstan conduct joint military exercise therefore they have conducted a joint military exercise in the Otar region of kazakhstan on Tuesday.

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This 14 days joint training started from September 10 and it aims to exchange skills and experiences between Indian and Kazakhstan Army. At the opening ceremony, both the nations gave a briefing on Army organization. Kazakhstan Army has shown weapons and equipments used by them at sub unit level.

After presentation, the ceremony also saw the unfurling of the national flags of both nations to the tunes of 'My Kazakhstan' and 'Jana Gana Mana'. Kazakhstan and Indian soldiers stood side by side and gave a ceremonial salute to the senior-most officer of the Kazakh Army reviewing the ceremony.

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In this training, he Indian contingent was represented by 5 Ladakh Scouts Regiment while the Kazakhstan side was represented by Military Base 85395. This the third edition of joint military training exercise between Indian Army and Kazakhstan. Surely, this training would strengthen the bond between both countries and will also help in boosting mutual understanding and respect for each other's military.

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