Famous YouTuber Karl Rock blacklisted by the Govt of India

Famous YouTuber Karl Rock recently alleged that the Government of India has blacklisted him and his entry into the country has also been banned. In fact, Karl Rock says that he has a wife and family in Delhi, but his name has been blacklisted and he cannot come to India because of it. Tell all of you that Rock is originally from England, and she is married to Manisha Malik in India. Recently, YouTuber Karl Rock alleged that 'the Government of India has blacklisted him and blocked his entry into the country.'



In fact, Karl shares tips for foreigners travelling in India. Last year, Karl was praised by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for donating plasma to a government plasma bank. Not long ago, Karl Rock uploaded a video on YouTube titled, 'Why haven't I seen my wife for 269 days.' In this video, he claimed that he has been separated from his wife and in-laws and blacklisted by the Government of India so he cannot come to Delhi.



Following Karl Rock's statement, an MHA official (Ministry of External Affairs) told ANI, "New Zealand-born Karl Rock has been blacklisted by the Government of India for violating several visa norms. He was found trading on tourist visas, he has been banned for a year, his visas have been cancelled.'' Let me tell you that Karl Rock said in his video, "The Government of India has stopped me from returning to India separated from my wife Manisha Malik and family. We (Manisha and Karl) met in Delhi in October 2014 and we got married in April 2019. Last year (2020), I left India to travel to Dubai and Pakistan, but after that my visa was cancelled and the reason for the cancellation of my visa was not given. Applied for a visa several times but found out that I had been blacklisted, so I could not be issued a visa. Since then, we have been engaged in resolving this issue. A petition in this regard has been filed in the Delhi High Court.''

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