India may make Corona vaccine first, PM Modi gives hint

Jun 01 2020 02:53 PM
India may make Corona vaccine first, PM Modi gives hint

PM Modi implemented a lockdown from 24 March to prevent the coronavirus from spreading in India. After which the virus infection was less than expected. But after the relaxation, all the hard work seems to be moving. PM Modi talks with the public. At the same, in the mind, there are big hints about the corona vaccine. Modi said that the world is eyeing the work being done in India on the Corona vaccine. Earlier, US President Donald Trump has also said that India and the United States are working together to develop the coronavirus vaccine. From this, it is estimated that India and the United States together have moved ahead in making the Kovid-19 vaccine. The results of which can be revealed soon.

For your information, let us tell you that in the matter of mind, PM Modi has put his talk about the corona vaccine in just 25 words, but it is showing big signs. Will tell you about it one by one. Before that, know what PM Modi said on this.

In his statement, the PM said - "The work that is being done in our labs on the vaccine of Corona has worldwide eye and we all hope too." Earlier, on April 14, Prime Minister Modi made a big appeal to the young scientists of the country regarding the vaccine. Then the Prime Minister had said, "India may have limited resources today but I have a special request from young scientists of India to come forward for the welfare of the world, for human welfare, to take up the vaccine of Corona." PM Modi After 47 days, when I say something again on the vaccine, it clearly gives an important message. The PM has said this while many labs of India have gone ahead in the process of making the vaccine. So are these steps towards success? The answer to this question may not be available right now, but in the coming days, there may be good news on it soon.

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