Corona cases declining in the country, but death figures are scaring

Jun 17 2021 09:46 AM
Corona cases declining in the country, but death figures are scaring

New Delhi: The pace of new corona cases in the country is slowing down. New cases of infection have been recorded less than a million for the tenth consecutive day. The death toll has also come down. According to the latest health ministry data, 67,208 new corona cases have been registered and 2330 infected people have died in the last 24 hours. The previous day, 13,570 people recovered from corona, meaning that 38,692 active cases were reduced yesterday. Earlier on Tuesday, 62,224 cases were registered.

New cases of corona virus have recovered for the 35th consecutive day in the country. As of June 16, 255.5 million corona vaccine doses have been administered across the country. The previous day, 34 lakh 63 thousand vaccines were administered. About 385.2 million corona tests have been conducted so far. About 1.9 million corona sample tests were conducted the previous day, with a positivity rate of more than 4 percent.

The country has a corona mortality rate of 1.28 percent while the recovery rate is about 96 percent. Active cases have come down to less than 3 percent. India ranks third in the world in the Corona Active Case case. India also ranks second in terms of total number of infected people. While India has the highest number of deaths in the world after the US, Brazil.

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