India donates 20 kidney dialysis machines to Nepal
India donates 20 kidney dialysis machines to Nepal

Kathmandu: As part of its efforts to improve Nepal's healthcare infrastructure, India sent the Nepalese government the first batch of 200 renal dialysis machines on Monday.  On the request of the Nepal Government, India Government on Monday handed over the first tranche of 20 kidney dialysis machines to Nepal. The Government of Nepal had requested India for a total of 200 kidney dialysis machines as patients in Nepal had been longing for them for months.

During a ceremony in Kathmandu, India's ambassador to Nepal Naveen Srivastava presented 20 machines to the minister of health and population, Padam Giri, on behalf of the Indian government and people.

For the benefit of friendship and Nepal's growth, India has always extended a helping hand, said  Srivastava. India and Nepal are working together in various fields and health is one of such important sectors, the ambassador said.

Speaking at the occasion, minister Giri expressed gratitude to the Indian government for its support, stating that it "will be very useful in developing the health infrastructure of Nepal."

We should be grateful that India has helped Nepal in many ways, including the health sector, as part of its "Neighborhood First" policy since the 2015 earthquake and COVID-19 pandemic, the minister added. "Ties between Indian and Nepali people is interconnected in terms of economic, social and cultural. This is our historic milestone. India also keeps its neighbours first policy which is an additional benefit for us. We have been working on several  projects together and the work we are undertaking for the upliftment of the health sector is really something to cherish for."  he said.

Nearly 6,000 patients having renal failure have been taking free dialysis services all through the country. "From India, kidney dialysis machines are being handed over to Nepal. I thank his Excellency Indian Ambassador, the Government of India and the people of India," said Padam Giri, the newly inducted Health Minister of the Himalayan Nation.

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