India Emerges as Fastest-Growing Economy for 3rd Successive Year: FM Sitharaman
India Emerges as Fastest-Growing Economy for 3rd Successive Year: FM Sitharaman

Jaipur, India: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman heralded India's economic prowess, affirming its position as the fastest-growing economy for the third consecutive fiscal year. Speaking at a dialogue program with industrialists and businessmen, Sitharaman underscored the potential for sustained growth in the years ahead, identifying the next quarter-century as pivotal for India's trajectory.

Highlighting India's economic achievements, Sitharaman pointed to an impressive eight percent growth rate witnessed in the 2023-24 fiscal year, with projections indicating a similar trajectory for the fourth quarter. She described this growth as sustainable, reflecting the robustness of India's economic policies and stability.

"In the last three fiscal years, India has consistently outpaced other economies in terms of growth, and this momentum is poised to continue in the foreseeable future," Sitharaman remarked.

The Finance Minister attributed the influx of foreign investors to India's economic credibility, citing factors such as macroeconomic stability, a supportive government, predictable taxation policies, and transparent procurement processes.

"The international community's confidence in India's economy is bolstered by our sound economic policies and transparent governance. This has led to increased foreign investment, further strengthening our economic prospects," Sitharaman affirmed.

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