India is celebrating the 'Festival of Bhangra': Baisakhi
India is celebrating the 'Festival of Bhangra': Baisakhi

The Punjab is all set to celebrate its new year. Today all the feets are gear up for the gidda,bhangra,bazi,and gatka dhadi and squad up for the festival. The house of people has converted into a celebration area. Occasion is not only limited to India but also in western countries, with same enthusiasm which we get to see here.

Baisakhi is also known as vaisakhi or vasakhi, is celebrated as the new year of Punjabi community and mark as the birthday of khalsa,the tenth guru of sikh (1699). It’s a great and very important joyful day for the Punjab region.

Celebtated with the yellow colour, known as the colour of crop.fairs are held in all many places of india including Haryana,candigarh and evev in himachal Pradesh and others.the western Punjab (Pakistan) also had a big celebration on the day.

The harvest festival of Punjab where farmers pay their gratitude to god for supporing them throughout the year and pray for the future exorbitance.

We can found a big celebration of the day in uk where from any other countries a large sikh community live, they use to help people by providing self services where they needed.

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