India leaves France behind, becomes 6th largest Economy of World

Jul 11 2018 08:03 PM
India leaves France behind, becomes 6th largest Economy of World

It is indeed a proud moment for us Indians, that our country has been declared the third largest economy of the world. As per the data provided by the World Bank data, It has left behind countries like France, counting upon various aspects like the gross domestic product (GDP) from 2017.
India has been successful to produce a net GDP of USD 2,597,491 million and leads France, that could make up to a GDP of USD 2,582,501. Well, the United Kingdom leaded India, with a GDP of USD 2,622,434 million.
The Top 10 list was pinnacled by the United States of America that made a GDP of USD 19,390,604 million. China also made it to the list of the Top 10 Economies of the world with a GDP of USD 12,237,700 million.
Previously, the World Bank had reported that India was on its journey to rise from the side effects of the Demonitisation policy opted by the Prime Minister of the country, Sri Narendra Modi. It was also said that GST (Goods and Services Tax ) had certain negative effects on the economy of the country, but It assured a progress of 7.3 percent in the country's economy by the year 2018.
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