'First end terrorism and conversions..,' India slams Pak

Islamabad: Pakistani PM Shehbaz Sharif had raised the raga of Kashmir in the United Nations (UN). He had said that we want peace with all our neighbours including India. On this, India has given a befitting reply to Pakistan. Mijito Vinito, First Secretary of India's Mission to the UN has said that it is extremely regrettable that Pakistani PM Shehbaz Sharif chose this forum to make baseless allegations against India. Vinito said he did this to hide the misdeeds in his own country and to justify action against India. 

According to the report, Indian diplomat Mijito Vinito reminded Pakistan of its actions before making baseless allegations against India. Vinito insisted that instead of claiming Jammu and Kashmir, Islamabad should stop "cross-border terrorism". Vinito also referred to recent incidents of forced abduction, marriage and 'forcible conversion of minorities inside Pakistan to Muslim' girls from Hindu, Sikh and Christian families in Pakistan. 

He said such a country would not make unreasonable and unstable territorial claims against its neighbours. It is also widely shared and can be felt. This will certainly happen when cross-border terrorism ends when governments are honest with the international community and themselves, and when minorities are not persecuted. 

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