India ranks 116th in World Bank's Human Capital Index
India ranks 116th in World Bank's Human Capital Index

Washington: India has been ranked 116th in the latest edition of the World Bank's annual Human Capital Index. The index assesses the major components of human capital in countries. According to the Human Capital Index report released by the World Bank on Wednesday, India's score has increased from 0.44 in 2018 to 0.49 in 2020.

The Human Capital Index 2020 included data on health and education of 174 countries. These figures are up to March 2020, after which the coronavirus pandemic has grown rapidly around the world. The analysis shows that before the pandemic, most countries have consistently progressed in the creation of human capital of children, especially in low-income countries. However, even after this progress, a child can expect to achieve only 56% of his potential human development potential in respect of education and health standards in an average country.

World Bank group president David Malpass said the decade's progress in the formation of human capital has been put at risk by the coronavirus, including health, life expectancy, school enrollment and a reduction in malnutrition. The outbreak has affected the most deprived families, causing many families to suffer from food insecurity and poverty.

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