India Releases Travel Advisory for its Nationals and Students in Canada

NEW DELHI: In a latest development, India has issued a comprehensive travel advisory for its citizens and students in Canada. The advisory comes in the wake of a diplomatic dispute that has arisen due to allegations implicating New Delhi in the assassination of a Sikh separatist individual in the vicinity of Vancouver.

The Ministry of External Affairs, in an official statement, has expressed deep concern about the threats that have been specifically targeted at Indian diplomats and segments of the Indian community who are known for their opposition to anti-India activities. As a result, the advisory strongly advises Indian nationals to refrain from traveling to certain regions and potential locations within Canada where such incidents have occurred in the past.

The advisory highlights the escalating anti-India activities and the disturbing rise in politically-endorsed hate crimes and criminal violence within Canada. These developments have raised significant concerns for the safety and security of Indian citizens residing in or considering travel to Canada.

The Ministry of External Affairs has underscored the gravity of the situation by pointing out that recent threats have been predominantly focused on Indian diplomats and members of the Indian community who are vocal in their opposition to the anti-India agenda. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that Indian nationals exercise extreme caution in their travel plans.

In light of these circumstances, Indian nationals are strongly urged to avoid visiting regions and venues in Canada that have been hotspots for such incidents. This advisory serves as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety and well-being of Indian citizens residing in Canada and those contemplating travel to the country.

The Indian government is closely monitoring the situation and is in constant communication with Canadian authorities to address the underlying issues and foster a safe environment for its citizens. This advisory remains in effect until further notice, as efforts are underway to resolve the diplomatic tensions between the two nations.

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