India Set to Expand Mandatory Quality Standards, Piyush Goyal Makes Plans
India Set to Expand Mandatory Quality Standards, Piyush Goyal Makes Plans

Piyush Goyal, the Consumer Affairs Minister, said the plans on Saturday, january 6,  to broaden the scope of mandatory quality norms for various products as part of India's endeavor to achieve developed nation status by 2047. Speaking at the 77th foundation day event of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Goyal emphasized the significance of upholding high-quality standards across goods and services to propel India towards its ambitious goals of development.

Goyal advocated for the transformation of the BIS into a beacon of quality standards rather than merely an adopter, urging it to take the lead in setting pioneering standards. He stressed the need for the BIS to establish quality benchmarks aligned with international standards, specifically citing products such as elevators, air filters, and medical devices where India could emerge as a frontrunner in setting global benchmarks.

Moreover, Goyal called for increased involvement of stakeholders in defining quality standards and urged industries to demand the establishment of quality testing laboratories.

The minister praised the BIS for its efforts in cultivating a culture of quality awareness in the country, highlighting the positive impact of bringing more products under mandatory compliance through Quality Control Orders (QCOs), which have ensured the availability of superior products and services for consumers.

According to Goyal, while 156 QCOs covering 672 products have been issued so far, there are plans to include more products under the QCO ambit, estimating a coverage range of 2,000-2,500 products in the future. He reaffirmed the government's commitment to ensuring that every product or service accessible in India maintains high quality standards.

Emphasizing India's shift from reliance on foreign standards to establishing indigenous standards, Goyal highlighted the significance of self-reliance in determining the country's pace and progress.

Goyal praised the impactful initiatives undertaken in recent years, notably the introduction of hallmarking for gold jewelry and mandatory quality compliance for toys. He noted that hallmarking facilities are now available in over 340 districts, with a significant daily hallmarking count of more than 4.15 lakh articles. The minister also highlighted the substantial reduction in cheap toy imports, attributing it to improved quality compliance, resulting in safer and superior toys in the Indian market.

Lastly, Goyal underscored that adherence to quality standards should not necessarily escalate product costs. He urged industries to actively participate in establishing quality benchmarks while emphasizing the importance of transparent quality testing procedures.

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