How will peace be restored in Afghanistan? India responded at the meeting of 'United Nations'

New Delhi: India participated in the Aria Formula meeting in the United Nations on Friday. The theme of the meeting was  'Security Council role in restoring peace process in Afghanistan'. Attacking Pakistan, India's permanent representative at the United Nations, said that Pakistan remains a safe haven for terrorists. Due to this, India's access to Afghanistan is getting hampered.

Tirumurthy said that both the peace process and violence cannot go on simultaneously, so to maintain peace in Afghanistan, it is necessary to destroy terrorist shelters on the Durand Line, considered the safest for terrorists. He said that the presence of foreign fighters has been recorded in the Durand Line. This has been revealed in the report of the Analytical Support and Sanction Monitoring Team formed under the Al Qaeda / ISIS Sanction Committee. In such a situation, to maintain peace in Afghanistan, the supply chain of terrorists will have to be destroyed.

Expressing happiness, he said that I am happy to attend the Aria Formula meeting to restore peace in Afghanistan. He further said that India has to pay a heavy price for peace and stability in Afghanistan. Many people have lost their lives, including diplomats while doing their duty in Afghanistan. We have shed both blood and sweat to start development in Afghanistan.

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