India to overtake UK soon as stock market surges sharply

Mumbai: The Indian stock market had recently overtaken France to become the sixth-largest market in the world. Now he's nearing overtaking Britain. Within the next few days, India could overtake it to become the fifth-largest stock market in the world in terms of valuation. This seems to be possible due to the rapidly growing investors in India and the boom in the stock market.

According to Bloomberg, the market cap of the Indian stock market, or market capitalisation, jumped nearly 37 per cent this year to $3.46 million (i.e. about Rs. 261 lakh crore). This is a collective market capitalization of all companies listed on the Indian stock market i.e. NSE and BSE. On the other hand, the market capitalization of UK stock markets is up only 9 per cent this year to around $3.59 million. That is, India may soon overtake Britain in this regard.
Experts point out that foreign investment towards China has been apprehensive for a number of reasons and uncertainty over BREXIT in the UK, which is benefiting the Indian stock market. The Indian stock market is considered to be very attractive, with a lot of growth potential in terms of the long term.

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