Railway fixed luggage weight for travelers, if exceeds heavy fine will be imposed

Feb 13 2020 01:56 PM
Railway fixed luggage weight for travelers, if exceeds heavy fine will be imposed

New Delhi: As of now you never pay attention to a load of luggage while traveling in a train. Traveling in a train means carrying up to 4-5 big bags per passenger. The most important thing is that Indian Railways itself never pays attention to a load of your luggage. Now while traveling in the train you will have to take the goods in advance, otherwise, it may have to pay a heavy price.

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The law on the loading of goods from Tejas Express running in Mumbai-Ahmedabad by a private company is being implemented again. The company has decided that passengers will be allowed to carry goods only under the rules in this express. Passengers will be charged extra charges for carrying more than the valid load. Officials say that the Tejas Express has decided to strictly enforce the current railway law. Private trains are not bringing any new rules. Only the current rules are strictly enforced.

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Under the Indian Railways Act, a maximum of 70kg luggage is allowed in an executive chair car. Similarly, a passenger in a normal chair car can travel with only 40kg luggage. If the weight of the passenger luggage is more than this, there is a provision for fine. Railway officials say that this rule is already in force in the Indian Railways service. Still, this rule has never been strictly implemented.

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