Indian AirFoce's Mega Air Show in Ambala: What to Expect

New Delhi: Following a spectacular aerial performance witnessed on November 19 above the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad during the ICC World Cup 2023 final, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is poised to captivate audiences in Ambala, Haryana. Scheduled to unfold at the Air Force Station in Ambala Cantonment, a mega air show is set to enthral spectators on November 23-24. The IAF's daredevilry promises two days of awe-inspiring aerobatics.

Taking center stage for the heart-stopping displays will be the acclaimed IAF Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team (SKAT), which recently enthralled a crowd of 132,000 at the world's largest stadium, the Narendra Modi Stadium. Their skyward prowess was showcased amidst the high-stakes clash between India and Australia during the ICC World Cup final.

Established in 1996, the Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team (SKAT) operates under the 52nd Squadron of the Indian Air Force. Initially suspended in February 2011 due to a scarcity of training aircraft, the team made a comeback in 2017. The SKAT warriors utilize Hawk Mk-132 aircraft to execute their breathtaking maneuvers.

Alongside the SKAT, the mega air show will feature the awe-inspiring performances of the Akashganga skydiving teams. These accomplished daredevils will display their mesmerizing skills throughout the two-day spectacle.

Originating in August 1987, Akashganga comprises a 124-member skydiving ensemble within the Indian Air Force. Its name, 'Akashganga,' roughly translates to 'The Ganga of the sky' in Hindi. In ancient Hindi lore, 'Akashganga' referred to the Milky Way as observed from Earth.

The anticipation is high as Ambala gears up to witness these breathtaking displays of aerial finesse, promising an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

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