Cyclone Amphan: Indian Air Force engaged in relief work, helping in affected areas

May 23 2020 02:41 PM
Cyclone Amphan: Indian Air Force engaged in relief work, helping in affected areas

New Delhi: The cyclonic storm 'Amfan' has caused massive destruction in two parts of the country, Odisha and West Bengal. Several areas of both the states received heavy rains with strong winds, in which three people have died in Odisha due to falling trees and walls. At the same time, due to this dangerous cyclone, more than 80 people have died in the state and thousands of people have become homeless.

Meanwhile, the Indian Air Force has deployed 25 aircraft and 31 helicopters for relief operations in areas affected by cyclone Amfan. The Air Force said these aircraft and helicopters with the necessary equipment for relief operations have been prepared and are awaiting orders with the crew for immediate deployment at various Air Force bases.

The storm of Amfan reached Sunderbans in West Bengal on Wednesday evening. The eastern coastal region of India has been the most affected by this storm. This cyclonic storm has severely damaged infrastructure in Odisha and West Bengal. Let us tell you that Cyclone 'Amfan' slowed down on Thursday, although a day before this storm caused huge devastation in West Bengal where 85 people lost their lives and two districts have been 'completely devastated'.

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